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 <p>Located in the territory of Kaiping under the jurisdiction of Jiangmen City of Guangdong Province, Kaiping watchtower is a special type of Chinese vernacular architecture, a multi-storey tower building integrated with defense, residence, and Chinese and Western architectural art. It is featured as residential houses with the combination of Chinese and Western elements, showing many styles, such as ancient Greek, Roman, and Islamic, etc. Based on available evidence, Kaiping watchtower dates back to the late Ming Dynasty (16th century).</p>
 <p>As the important historical sites and representative buildings in modern times, Kaiping watchtower was announced as the national essential cultural relics protection unit in 2001 by the State Council; in 2005 it was named as “the most beautiful place in Guangdong”; in 2006 was rewarded the gold prize for “Top 50 Places Recommended to Foreigners”, pilot unit for “Guangdong’s Most Beautiful Countryside”, and “Best Tourist Attractions in Guangdong Province”. In June 2007, it was included in the “World Heritage List”, i.e., Kaiping watchtower and villages became the “World Cultural Heritage Site”.<br>From the hotel, all famous scenic spots can be reached within 15 to 60 minutes’ drive.<br>