Mingmen Food Co., Ltd.


  Kaiping Mingmen Food Co., Ltd., which is wholly owned by the Pan Tower Hotel, is mainly a food factory producing a variety of healthy foods. With advanced modern production equipment, the company adopts customer satisfaction systems and innovative, pragmatic and rigorous corporate culture. It passed the food safety system certification in 2008, becoming one of the few food businesses that were approved by the certification.

The company has first-rate professional and technical personnel who have obtained the national gold medals for baking, introduces the world’s most advanced Japanese baking equipment, and focuses on R & D. The selected raw materials are produced by QS certified companies. “Peninsula Moon Cakes” are made by the Chinese traditional technology, among which “double-yolked moon cake with white lotus paste” and “Jinhua ham moon cake with five kernels” won the title of “exquisite moon cake” in Guangdong Province.

In the future, we will continue to adhere to the principle of focusing on healthy diet, nourishing life, respecting for nature and pursuing the original flavor, stick to the tenet of manufacturing high-quality food for consumers, being market-oriented, progressing with the times, aiming to meet the satisfaction of customers, and striving for product innovation. Mingmen Food Co., Ltd. welcomes the visit, cooperation and guidance of domestic and foreign customers and friends, hoping to cooperate with you to achieve win-win business!